Let the Sunshine In: How to Clean Glass Windows

Window Cleaning Supplies

There are basically two ways you can go when it comes to the cleaning solution. You can either go with a store-bought product or you make up your own. The advantage to making your own solution is that you can avoid the chemical ingredients that are found in most brand-name cleaners. It can also be more cost-efficient. Some people appreciate the ease of use of a store-bought cleaning solution, and there are people- and pet-friendly products on the market if you're trying to avoid chemicals. Consumer Reports has performed tests on various store-bought cleaners and homemade solutions to see how they stack up against one another. The natural cleaners rated slightly lower than the mainstream, brand-name products, although they were all rated satisfactory. There are many recipes for DIY window cleaner, with most containing water and alcohol. Others contain white vinegar and small amounts of dish washing liquid. Ammonia is another common ingredient for homemade cleaners. Try out some recipes from the Internet to see which one works for you.