Let the Sunshine In: How to Clean Glass Windows

Streak-free Window Cleaning Tips

Once you've decided on your cleaning solution, it's time to get cracking. Do yourself a favor and take some time to vacuum the window sills and the all of those nooks and crannies. This will make cleaning the glass easier and less messy. You can help avoid streaking by not cleaning your windows when there's direct sunlight on them. This dries them out too quickly, causing the streaks that you loathe. If you have large windows that don't have panes, you can clean like a pro with a sponge and a squeegee. This will help to prevent streaking. If you have small panes, then a squeegee isn't an option. There are several different things you can use to clean your paned windows. Some people use a sponge followed by a polish with a cotton shirt, newspaper or cloth diaper. Others prefer to go ahead and use one of those items for the cleaning and polishing. Just remember that a clean and dry cloth or newspaper is necessary to get a streak-free result, so follow the clean with a polish no matter what you use to get the grime off.

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