How to Clean Small Kitchen Appliances

Cleaning Waffle Irons

Waffle irons need little care. The grids are made from seasoned cast iron or a nonstick surface and generally do not require washing after ordinary use. There are, however, some important things to remember, such as:

  • Never clean a waffle iron until it is cool and has been unplugged. Do not immerse a waffle iron in water.
  • Wipe the exterior of your waffle iron and clean up batter spills after each use.
  • Wipe the grids with a paper towel that has been dampened with vegetable oil. ©2006 Publications International, Ltd.Wipe the grids of your waffle iron with vegetable oil.
  • If waffles stick to the grids and burn, remove the grids and wash them in warm soapy water.

The cleaning guidelines outlined in this article will help keep your small kitchen appliances looking like new. Even better, they should work better, too.