How to Clean Toilet Stains

Tips for Cleaning Tough Toilet Stains
Nobody likes cleaning toilets, but if you do it consistently, it'll be a much easier job.
Nobody likes cleaning toilets, but if you do it consistently, it'll be a much easier job.
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Much time and energy can be saved when cleaning the toilet by first selecting the right product for the task. Acids are best for cleaning stubborn stains -- they neutralize alkaline soils, also known as water stains, and remove soap deposits, rust and lime scale. Certain acids are mild, like vinegar, and others are more intense, like hydrochloric acid. When shopping for a heavy-duty toilet cleaner, choose an acid-based product that will break stains into small particles, making the chore quick and easy to complete.

To clean your toilet in record time, make the chore as hassle-free as possible. You can do this by storing toilet cleaners and products, like rubber gloves, brushes and rags, in a basket under the bathroom sink. Be mindful to keep any cleaners containing harsh chemicals out of the reach of pets and small children.

Consistency is important when maintaining a toilet that's stain-free. Brush toilets once a day when they're used often. The more frequently you clean, the less build-up will occur, drastically cutting down the time it takes to perform the chore. Bleach tablets are sometimes used to keep commodes fresh between cleanings. Use tablets only in toilets that receive heavy traffic, and don't mistake these products as an excuse to neglect your bathroom cleaning duties!

It's also important to remember that good ventilation isn't just for your safety when cleaning with chemicals. Opening a window or using the bathroom fan can keep the space smelling fresh, and lighting a candle or match will neutralize the air. Closing the lid before every flush will prevent any particles or water from splashing outside, keeping waste -- and foul smells -- confined to the toilet bowl. Lastly, don't forget to maintain the outside of your toilet to keep the porcelain shiny and clean. Mop around the base, and dust the sides and back where lint and dust collect. The final result will be a porcelain throne that's fit for a king!

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