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How to Clean Window Coverings

Cleaning Blinds

Blinds are made from narrow slats of wood, metal, or plastic held in place by tapes, cords, or colored yarns and ribbons. Blinds can be adjusted up and down or side to side; venetian blinds can also have the angle of their slats adjusted for light control.

  • Vacuum blinds regularly with the brush attachment of your vacuum. Close adjustable slats when vacuuming so you can reach more of their surface.

  • Remove finger marks with a sponge.

  • When blinds require a thorough cleaning, immerse plastic, metal, and painted blinds in water.

  • Natural wood blinds with decorative yarn tapes should not be immersed in water.

  • Touch up dingy white tapes on venetian blinds with white shoe polish.

    Use white shoe polish to touch up dingy white tapes on venetian blinds.

    Use white shoe polish to touch up
    dingy white tapes  on venetian blinds.

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