How to Kill Flies In Your Home

The two winged flies, also known as the filth flies, are found everywhere in the world. They include house flies, fruit flies, stable flies and many others. Besides being a nuisance, the filth flies carry disease-causing organisms and can be a threat to public health. A single house fly can carry over a million bacteria. Most flies reproduce quickly in warm weather. Hence the problem is more prevalent in the summer. To keep the fly population under control, you should fight the flies on two fronts; kill the flies already in your home, while at the same time limit the places where flies can feed and breed [sources:Pest Supply, Pest Products].

Here's how to kill flies in your home:


  • Install a fly zapper near the entrance of your house. The zapper will electrocute the flies when they touch the zapper.
  • Hang sticky fly paper from the ceiling. Hanging a few sticky fly paper traps will help eliminate those flies that make it into your home.
  • Spray insect sprays. Although you don't want to use sprays too often, as they're not healthy to inhale and leave a foul odor, they will help kill the flies in your home [sources: Pest Supply, Pest Products].

At the same time, try limiting the number of flies in your home, as follows:

  • Install tight fitting window screens. Check your existing screens for holes and tears.
  • Don't keep doors open for any length of time. Install screen doors.
  • Get rid of any possible breeding sites, such as animal feces. Either bury the feces or place them in a lidded garbage can inside a plastic bag.
  • Dispose of food waste and kitchen scraps properly. All scraps and leftovers should be placed in sealed plastic bags and discarded.
  • Close all your trash cans securely. Garbage cans and dumpsters are favorite breeding spots for flies.
  • Rinse out any plastic items you plan on recycling.
  • Pick up any fruit that falls on the ground from the fruit trees in your yard. Fermenting fruit provides the perfect breeding ground for flies [sources: Pest Supply, Pest Products].