How to Organize a Room Without a Closet

It would be heavenly to have a dream closet like this one, but it's not necessary to stay organized!
It would be heavenly to have a dream closet like this one, but it's not necessary to stay organized!

Old houses are wonderful in so many ways. They have authentic architectural details, neat nooks and crannies and lots of wonderful original materials just waiting to be discovered under layers of renovations. But one thing they probably don't have is much closet space. In fact, some rooms may not even have a closet at all. Don't let that deter you, though, because there are many ways to stay just as organized as you would be in a room with a closet.

The main function of a closet in bedrooms is to hold hanging clothes and shoes, so let's start there. One great option is to build the guts of a closet on an open wall without the actual enclosure. Most big box home improvement stores carry white wire closet organizers that offer customizable configurations to fit your needs. You can go with a simple layout that consists of two stacked shelves with a rail for hanging clothes suspended in between or max out your wall with a more sophisticated framework that suits your specific needs.

If you prefer to keep your clothes hidden from view, you can opt for a freestanding wardrobe in lieu of a closet. Look for stores that cater to organization where you will find many different sizes and options of freestanding closets that fit right up against your wall. Or, if those choices are too contemporary for you, look for old armoires or cupboards that will serve the same purpose at garage sales, flea markets or antique stores.

If you have a fantastic cache of clothes and a limited budget, go for the starlet's dressing room look and get some rolling racks to hang your clothes on. This is a great option for small spaces because the racks can be rolled around to make space as needed. Supplement with hooks for hooded sweaters and a freestanding shelf for shoes.