How to Organize an Attic

Sorting Attic Contents

Now that you have an idea of what's in your attic, you can begin to sort through and organize what you have left and want to keep. A few simple guidelines will ensure that you look at your space objectively and set it up in the most organized fashion.

Don't be afraid to toss items that you don't need and can't see yourself using in the foreseeable future. However, even if you're doing an organization overhaul, you don't have to toss everything in the garbage. If you don't want to part with it and you have the space to store it, keep it [source: Leeds].

Once you have your attic contents narrowed down to what you want to keep, start sorting these items into categories. By grouping your belongings this way, you'll be able to box and store them by category, which will make it easier to keep tabs on everything. For example, put all holiday decorations in one pile, all paperwork in another and all out-of-season clothes in yet another pile.

One important thing to consider is that your storage method should have a purpose, and with something like an attic, a good purpose is being able to access everything whenever you need it. Don't just stick all of your boxes back into your attic without some thought -- think about how often you need access to certain items, and place the items you use most often toward the front of your space [source: Steill]. What do you do with those family keepsakes you don't want to part with but never get out? They can probably go toward the back.

Keep reading for tips on how to properly store the contents of your attic.