How to Organize a Basement

Organization can transform a basement from a sea of clutter to a usable space.
Organization can transform a basement from a sea of clutter to a usable space.

Many people think of the basement as a dank, dark place where boxes of holiday decorations and old furniture tend to accumulate. But with some organization, your basement can become a functional part of your home instead of a catchall for clutter.

Many homes have basements, and whether the basement is finished or unfinished often determines how the space is used. If you have a finished basement, this space can be used for any number of purposes -- as a family room, playroom for the kids, office for a home business, workout room or even as a man cave for the man of the house. If your basement is unfinished, you'll need to make sure the space is dry enough to house items that may be important to you. Basements can be damp places, so any issues with mold or water will need to be resolved [source: Energy Star].

A basement can serve your family's entertainment needs, but it can also serve as a great place to store items you don't need on a regular basis [source:]. Holiday decorations and seasonal gear like skis or inflatable pools can be stored there, as well as bikes, toys and winter clothing. Organizing your basement will allow you to use the space for both family fun and storage.

The possibilities for transforming your basement are limited only by your imagination, and most can be achieved in budget-friendly ways. However, before you can turn that space into a fun and entertaining place, you'll need to sort through all the things that have surely piled up. Check out the next section for tips on how to start organizing your basement.