How to Organize a Child's Room

What Should I Keep in My Child's Room?

Now that you've taken inventory of the contents of your child's room, you have to spend some time deciding what you want to keep. Many families want their child to have a few pieces of furniture, some books, their clothing and perhaps a few favorite toys in their room. Some families prefer that all toys be kept out of their child's room, especially if that child resists sleeping because he or she is distracted by toys. Other children may have this problem with their books or a TV.

When organizing a space, many experts suggest that you create four piles: a keep pile, storage pile, charity pile and trash pile [source: Elias]. Take your inventory list and write which pile each item belongs in next to its name. Many of these will be no-brainers, such as the child's bed and linens.

You're likely to have decisions to make, however, when it comes to books, toys and clothing. Look critically at each category and consider each item individually to decide whether it is worth keeping in the room [source: Elias]. Don't forget to include your child in this process, if possible, and ask him what items he would like to keep the most. Keep only those things that will get immediate use, and pack up whatever you decide to store and label it clearly. Rotate toys and books in and out of storage. Your kids will be excited to play with their "new" old items [source: Flinders].

Once you've decided what to keep, you'll need a way to organize it all so that you can child can easily access it, but also put it back up just as easily. Read on to learn about a few different organizational methods.