How to Organize a Child's Room

Child's Room Storage

In many houses, storage is an issue. Even if you don't have ample storage space in your child's room, you can still find a place for everything. Simple ways to add storage include purchasing bed lifts to increase storage space under the bed. Bed lifts are inexpensive plastic posts that are available at most stores that carry home goods. Older children may enjoy having a lofted bed. A lofted bed is like a bunk bed frame without the bottom bunk. Lofted beds are especially nice for smaller spaces. Desks, dressers or a reading area can be set up under the bed.

Another option is to purchase or design a headboard with shelving for your child's bed. A lamp can be placed on this type of headboard, and books can be stored on its shelves. Children can even keep their special stuffed animal or blanket folded on one of the shelves [source: HGTV].

Give children access to items that you want them to use regularly. For younger children, this may include clothing, toys and books. Encourage independence by placing a shelf or two at a manageable height, with clear plastic bins for toys or books [source: Gaulin]. Consider putting most of your young child's everyday clothing in the lower drawers of the dresser. Upper drawers can be used for bed linens, off-season clothing, costumes or holiday clothing. A tension rod, placed low in the closet, will encourage your child to hang up his or her clothing. Use appropriately sized hangers to match the size of his clothes. He may even enjoy ordering his clothing based on color or type.

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