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How to Organize Closet Accessories

Attachable Hanger Basics

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Attachable hangers have hooks in the center that can hold other hangers.

Typically a closet rod runs the length of the closet, and from this rod all your clothes are hung. If you look to the bottom edge of these hanging garments, however, you will see an invitingly empty area. At least a third of the hangers from the rod could be removed and repositioned in this vacant space using attachables. Attachable hangers are also known as add-ons because these hangers have an extra hook in the center that allows other hangers to be attached to the hanger above. Clothes can then be aligned vertically in the closet rather than horizontally across the closet rod.

This vertical arrangement, called layering, enables you to hang two to eight garments, yet the closet rod holds only one hanger. This is perhaps the single most effective organizing technique you can initiate. It's also the most economical in terms of time, energy and money.

Attachable hangers convey other advantages as well. Hanging garments aren't crammed together on the clothes rod, so wrinkles are minimized. Also, clothes are not shoved from one side of the closet rod to another when retrieving an item. By arranging each layer in its proper color sequence, a system for maintaining order is automatically established. When a garment is replaced, you need not insert it between garments in the layer. Instead, merely hang it at the bottom of the color-arranged row, and it will recycle itself.

The best advantage of all is the extra space you gain when you use attachable hangers. By changing from standard (wire or plastic) hangers to attachable hangers, your closet's hanging capacity can be greatly increased. If additional hanging space isn't essential, using attachable hangers opens up space for shelves, cubbyholes, drawer units, or other storage devices.

Attachable hangers also come in a variation for hanging skirts. These skirt hangers do a superb job with strapless dresses, silky undergarments, and shorts, and they never lose their hold.


Another style of hanger that is useful is the open-end slacks hanger. These hangers pack a mighty wallop in gaining control of your closet space. Slacks slide on and off the unencumbered opening of the hanger without the bother of removing the hanger from the rod. The neck is bigger and rounder than most any other type of hanger, so it won't snarl or snag with the other hangers on the rod. These hangers are also smaller in stature, being three to four inches shorter in length and width. The smaller size opens up areas of the closet where a standard-size hanger cannot go. This provides better use of space, allowing for more innovative and creative designs.

Attachable Hangers 2

Attachable Hangers 3
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Using attachable hangers to keep categories of clothes
together greatly increases storage capacity

It's time to branch out from clothes and look at all the other space-hogs in your closet. In the next section, we will examine the different systems for organizing your accessories.