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How to Organize Closet Accessories

Small Accessory Storage

Small items like belts, ties and jewelry can get easily lost in the big expanse of a walk-in closet. Yet there are good ways for storing each item. This section addresses the easiest ways to keep track of those small but essential items.


A belt ring muddles belts together. Equipping your closet with one will cause the same frustration as a simple nail in the wall holding numerous belts. A belt ring has another negative attribute: It occupies space on the closet rod. Rod space should hold only hanging garments with no exceptions. Any style of belt rack that provides an ample number of hooks for the placement of individual belts and that can be installed on the side or back walls of your closet is the best type of rack for belts.


Many tie racks actually make ties inaccessible and are designed to hang from the closet rod. Many of the ties will be too well concealed from sight. To get to those ties, you'll have to maneuver through a large portion of ties you don't intend to wear. Just like the belt rack, a style of tie rack that has hooks for each individual tie and that can be installed on a closet wall is the best type of tie rack to use. With some of these tie racks, you can see the full complement of ties by extending their arms outward for easy selection and access. Afterward, the arms fold back into the unit, and the unit slides back into its original position. The above applies to scarves as well as ties.


The biggest mistake regarding jewelry is thinking that it's OK to store it in your dresser drawers. It doesn't make sense to keep delicate rings and necklaces in a large drawer without protection. And jewelry should not be kept in the same drawer with hairbrushes, cameras, pencils, and the like. Jewelry requires containers that are scaled to their size; jewelry boxes, bags, pouches, chests, and cases meet this requirement with varying degrees of success.

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There are many ways to store jewelry, depending on what type of jewelry it is.

Necklaces, for instance, are far better served from a hanging position rather than stashed helter skelter in a drawer, even if the drawer is in a jewelry box. Just about any sort of gadget or rack for hanging necklaces systematically will serve your purposes. As with the storage of other items, placing your jewelry in transparent containers is always beneficial. The increased visibility saves time, since the contents of each container can be seen. There will be no more searching through all your jewelry boxes looking for the one item you want.

Storing accessories in a closet can be a difficult and time-consuming practice. But with the right approach and methods, you can soon be picking out your sweaters from your shoes and your belts from your ties. It's good to be organized!

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