How to Organize Coupons

Methods for Organizing Coupons

Everyone goes about clipping coupons differently. You may clip only the ones you know you'll use, or you may cut out every coupon you have a possibility of using. This means you could end up with a lot of coupons on your hands. Deciding the best way to organize them will help you know what you have and when you need to use them.

One method of organizing coupons is to sort them by category, such as type of food, beauty products or medications. This can be helpful if you want to pull out coupons for a certain type of shopping trip. For example, if you're running to the grocery store to stock up on breakfast foods, you'll be able to quickly grab the cereal or yogurt coupons while skipping over others.

You may find that sorting your coupons by expiration date will help you. This will ensure that you don't have many expired coupons on your hands, maximizing the use of your coupons. This is a great system if you don't shop as often or aren't accustomed to using coupons on a regular basis.

Finally, you may try organizing your coupons alphabetically by brand name or by product type. This can be easy to flip through if you're shopping for a specific product. However, this also may be a bit more difficult if you have a lot of coupons on your hands.

No method of organizing coupons is right or wrong. Evaluate how you use coupons and how often you use them, and develop a system that will be easy to maintain.

Once you have your coupons sorted, you'll need to find a way to keep them easily accessible. Keep reading for hints on how to do this.