How to Organize a Craft Room

Don't let an unorganized craft room hinder your artistic abilities.
Don't let an unorganized craft room hinder your artistic abilities.
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Dealing with a mess of tangled ribbons, loose buttons and spilled glitter can take the fun out of any craft project. To avoid this scenario, make a plan to keep your craft room organized and stick to it.

Whether you have a room in your home devoted to your hobbies or not, you can get your supplies organized. If you don't have a separate room set aside for creative pursuits, consider sectioning off part of a room to keep your crafts in one spot instead of scattered throughout your home. You can use bookshelves or dressers as storage units that double as dividers between your workstation and the room it resides in [source: Booy].

Choose a location that can serve as a permanent workspace. This means that spreading your things on the kitchen table, only to shove them in the closet when it's time to make dinner, won't cut it [source: Inspiri Art and Craft].

Once you've staked out a location, you'll likely be eager to start setting up, but give yourself some time to plan before you begin putting items away. Identify your crafting habits and how you use your supplies. Pay attention to which supplies you use often, which you use less frequently and which you use together. Decorate with items that inspire you and remove anything that distracts you from finishing a project -- choose colors and patterns that make you feel productive. Decide if your crafting table is a comfortable workspace or if it needs to be raised or lowered [source: Baginski].

After you get a feel for your work style, the first step to organizing your craft room is to take inventory of your supplies. Read on for ideas on taking a comprehensive inventory and how to use your list.