How to Organize a Craft Room

Taking Inventory of Craft Room Contents

As you begin to go through your craft supplies and tools, think about how often you use each item. Do you use the rubber stamps frequently, or have they been collecting dust? Maybe you have one stamp you use often but seldom use the rest.

Take note of the tools you have in your craft collection as well as the supplies and then consider your current storage situation. What kinds of furniture and containers are you using? Decide if your present setup meets your needs or if you need more drawers, shelves and spaces to put all those different colored beads. Do you plan on getting more supplies in the near future? Are you unearthing old supplies you'd long since forgotten?

Maybe you love your glitter stash but are only hanging onto those felt scraps because you don't want to be wasteful. Figure out what your crafting priorities are as you inventory your supplies, tools and storage systems. As you get a sense of what you already have, think about what you want out of your craft station once it's complete. From there, you can decide if you need a new storage system [source: Able].

When you've figured out your priorities and goals for your new craft room, you'll be ready to start sorting your supplies. Continue reading for tricks and tips on sorting your crafting collection.