How to Organize a Craft Room

Sorting Craft Room Contents

When you've assessed the usefulness of everything in your craft room, you may be wondering how you're going to organize what you've decided to keep. You could group all the seasonally themed supplies together or you could categorize supplies by color. Whatever you decide should be based on your personal crafting habits.

Group all supplies into common themes that are meaningful to you. Your themes may be as simple as scrapbooking or sewing supplies, or may be complexly driven by an abstract inspiration behind your craft [source: Booy]. You'll also need to group your tools. Group tools by how frequently you use them because this will dictate how you end up storing them -- be sure that tools you use often are easily accessible to avoid frustration later [source: Country Living].

While you likely won't be putting your storage containers and furniture into piles, group these things mentally. Think about whether your current storage options are capable of housing your supplies and tools the way you categorized them.

If your craft room is small, you may need to get creative about storage options and make sure no space is wasted -- this means taking full advantage of corners, cabinets and shelves [source: Country Living]. For information on the accessibility and aesthetics of storing the contents of your craft room, read on.