How to Organize Holiday Decorations

Sorting Holiday Decorations

Now that you've purged your storage containers of any damaged ornaments, you can deal with the decorations you really use. To start, try determining what categories you want to divide your decorations into. You might choose categories such as lights, ornaments, and decorations for tables. Or, you might want to separate the decorations by room. Then start sorting. Make piles of decorations that go with each category, and create new categories as needed. You can use index cards to label your piles with the appropriate category name [source: ABC, Just Organized, LLC].

Once you have that done, it's probably a good idea to distribute your containers near the piles. Choose the appropriate number of containers for each pile. If some categories have only a few things, you may decide to combine them into one container. Now, peel off (or cross out) any old labels you have on the containers. This is very important. Make new labels to match your new categories, and place them on the containers. A label maker works great for this, of course, but masking tape and a permanent marker do the trick, too.

Another idea you may want to consider is numbering your containers. Think about the way you generally decorate your home each year. If you always set up the tree first, followed by the knick-knacks, followed by the dining room table, label these bins 1, 2 and 3. This will be helpful if someone else in your family has the job of digging the bins out of their storage spot and carrying them where they're needed. If the first bin you need is tree lights, you could label this "#1 Tree Lights" [source: Just Organized, LLC].

At this point, you are ready to pack. For storage tips as you begin the last step in this process, read on.