How to Organize Holiday Decorations

Storing Holiday Decorations

When it comes time to put your decorations into containers, generally it's a good idea to pack heavy things near the bottom of each container and light things on top of them. Try not to pack a container so full that you have to force the lid on. That's probably not good for your decorations, and it doesn't leave room for anything new.

Here are some specific storage suggestions for some different types of decorations:

  • Lights: These are the hardest to pack because they can become tangled easily. One idea is to wind your lights around a piece of thick cardboard. A plastic version of this idea is available at some stores, with notches for the strands. Another method of storing lights is to gather each strand up individually and place it in a plastic grocery bag. You can get very creative with this: Some people wind their lights around empty coffee cans before storage [sources: ABC, Good Housekeeping].
  • Tree ornaments: Wrap them carefully in newspaper, tissue paper or some other protective covering. You might reuse wrapping paper from gifts for this purpose. You can also buy special storage containers with small cells inside designed to hold your tree ornaments or use empty liquor boxes (most liquor stores give these away) that contain cardboard dividers in which you can separate them. Using the boxes these ornaments originally came in may also provide extra protection [sources: Good Housekeeping].
  • Other delicate items, such as holiday dishware: Try wrapping these in paper as you did with the tree ornaments. You can then place the really delicate pieces into small, plastic boxes to prevent them from getting crushed in storage [source: ABC].

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