How to Organize a Home Office

Methods for Organizing Home Office Electronics

You invest a lot of money in home office electronics. Laptops or desktop computers, printers, fax machines and other hardware aren't cheap, so it's important to situate these items in a safe, organized manner.

Investing in a desk with adequate storage space is a necessity. Placing office equipment on the floor, especially if it's carpeted, can shorten the life of the device and create a fire hazard, so find a safe place to keep your electronics [source: Office of Compliance]. Measure the room, keeping in mind the placement of doors and windows, and find a desk that meets your requirements -- make sure it has plenty of space for a computer, monitor, keyboard, speakers and any other equipment you want to keep on your desktop.

If you have additional office equipment, such as a printer, fax or scanner, you may also need a small table or cabinet to house them. A cabinet with a door will allow you to hide your office gear for a neater look while still allowing you easy access.

If you need office furniture, but don't want to spend a lot of money, try your local classifieds or look online for budget-friendly options.

Now that you have your desk and larger equipment set up, it's time to bring in your office supplies. Check out the next section for tips on properly storing these materials.