How to Organize a Home Office

Methods for Organizing Home Office Supplies

Why is it that when you need a pen you can never find one? Having your office supplies organized and accessible will help you be more efficient when working in your home office -- and you'll always be able to find a pen when you need one.

The first step in organizing your office materials is making sure your supplies are in working order. Grab a sheet of paper and test all your pens. If they don't work, throw them away. You may be surprised how many of the office supplies you've stashed in the back of your desk drawer don't even work!

If you still have tons of pens, pencils and other office supplies after you've gone through everything, the trick is to consolidate. Pick out your favorites and put the rest in a small storage bin in a closet or under your desk. Keep the pens you decide to hold on to in one desk drawer, which will save you time when you're looking for a specific writing utensil. If you want to get even more organized, purchase a cutlery tray and place it in your desk drawer to store pens, highlighters and pencils [source: Life Organizers].

Any supplies you use on a daily basis should be stored within arm's reach and anything that's rarely used should be stored in your desk area to avoid clutter.

Once you have all your office supplies stored and organized, it's time to focus on all that paperwork. Check out the next section to learn how you can incorporate a quick and efficient filing system into your home office.