How to Organize a Home Office

Getting Rid of Home Office Clutter

Does the thought of throwing out old papers make you nervous? You're not alone -- many people find it difficult to throw things out. Whether you're anxious about throwing something away that may have personal information on it or you're an environmentally conscious person who doesn't want to create more garbage, there are ways to overcome your fears and clean out the clutter at the same time.

Once you've determined what is trash, you have several options. Tossing papers out with the garbage is your first option, but take a close look at each item before throwing it away. Don't toss anything that lists personal or valuable information like your social security number or full bank account number. What should you do with it? Shred it!

Shredding is an excellent way to dispose of documents that contain personal information, so you won't be at a higher risk of identity theft. There are companies that will shred your important papers for a fee, or you can purchase a home shredder for as low as $25 [sources: Google Products, Shred It].

You can also recycle your old papers. Look for a nearby recycling center, or see if your local waste management company offers a recycling pickup service.

Organizing your home office may seem challenging, but with a little effort, you'll be on your way to an orderly office in no time. For more information on organizing a home office, see the links below.

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