How to Organize Kids' Toys

Storing Kids' Toys

To keep your playroom clutter-free, you'll need a creative storage system. To work best, this system should be easy for both you and your children to use.

First, make the most of your space by getting extra shelving for your playroom. Keep toys and games that aren't used as often on the higher shelves, and place your children's favorite toys at eye level on easy-to-reach shelves [source: Ewer].

Use baskets or clear storage boxes to store smaller toys, dedicating each labeled storage bin to a particular item. Transparent boxes or uncovered baskets work well since children can easily find what they want. If your children want to play with building blocks, they'll just need to grab the bin from the shelf and take it anywhere in the play room. Once they're done, they can easily put the toys back in the bin and put the bin away.

Try to limit the number of large toy bins in the playroom -- as these fill up, you'll wind up with a layer of never-used, forgotten toys at the bottom. However, larger bins can be great for stuffed animals or balls -- items that are bulky, unbreakable and free from small pieces that can easily get lost. You can also use nets suspended in a corner of the room for these types of toys, maximizing the play space for your kids [source: Rice].

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