How to Organize Your Purse

Methods for Organizing Your Purse

Before you even think about organizing your purse, there's one step that's essential to all methods: getting rid of the stuff you don't need. This goes double for anything heavy like loose change or extra sets of keys. Try dumping everything out on a table and placing only those items you really need back in your purse.

Keep your wallet, a pen, keys, phone and any essential personal items. You may think it's important to have sunglasses, a camera, sewing kit or other items, but be selective. Credit cards you don't often use, receipts that should be filed and trash that should be in the wastebasket don't need to be in your purse. Another source of unnecessary clutter is makeup and cosmetic items like packs of tissue, tubes of lip balm and bottles of hand lotion. You probably need only one lip balm and one pack of tissues. In regard to makeup, just keep the essentials and stick to travel-size lotions and hand sanitizers [source: Good Housekeeping, Chica and Jo].

The next step is deciding how you'd like your purse to be arranged. Ideally, you want those things you need often to be easily accessible, while those you rarely use can reside in the harder-to-reach parts of your purse. If your purse has a variety of pockets, rings and fasteners, you'll find the reloading of your belongings to be quite easy.

However, if everything needs to go into one large area, this will be a little more difficult. In any case, try to group similar items together. All your makeup and personal items, such as hand sanitizer, aspirin and lip balm, can be combined in one pocket of your purse. If you don't have pockets, a small resealable plastic bag or an inexpensive cosmetic bag will do. Pens and pencils should stay together -- maybe near a small notebook or your checkbook.

There are a number of products on the market that are meant to make organizing your purse a little easier. Keep reading to learn more.