How to Organize Your Purse

Purse Organizing Accessories

Of course, you could go out and buy a new purse -- one with pockets and clips galore, but what if you really love your purse, or if you frequently change purses to go with different outfits? In this case, you need some purse-organizing accessories.

When it comes to purse-organizing accessories, it doesn't take long to find a large number of products on the market. Clearly, there is enough demand for organized purses to support a diversity of products.

There are two main types of organizers. One is the full-insert organizer, which is either a fabric or plastic insert that fits into your existing purse. They come in several sizes and models, but they have similar advantages. For one thing, they can be easily transferred between purses, as long as your purses are basically the same size. You just lift the purse organizer out of one purse and drop it into the other. Some of these organizers go with specific handbags, while others are meant to be used with whatever bag you already have [sources: Purse Pleaser, Kangaroo Keeper, Pouchee].

There are also purse organizer bags, which are generally small bags that are a step up from using resealable bags to group your items together. Some are more discreet, relying on a symbol or picture to tell what's in the bag, while some are made of see-through fabric to help you find your items more easily [sources: Organize, Ice Red Bags].

Whatever method or accessories you choose, you'll feel better both physically and mentally if you get your purse organized. For more information on organizing your purse, see the links below.

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