How to Organize Recipes

Storing Printed Recipes

You have your recipes neatly sorted into categories and you're ready to think about how to store them. First, consider the budget option: reusing your old recipe box. Perhaps you've thrown enough recipes away that you can reasonably put the remaining ones back into their familiar home. This option is inexpensive and the materials you need are already in your home. Keep in mind, however, that recipe boxes are often small and not accommodating to irregularly sized recipes.

If the recipe box is too small but you like that basic idea, you may want to try an accordion-style file. These are available at any office-supply store and can be used just like your recipe box -- except they hold recipes both large and small [source: Resinger].

Another option is to purchase an inexpensive photo album to store your recipes. You can use the type with sticky pages, the type with plastic pockets or, if you buy a variety of photo pages that will fit into the same album, you can use a combination of different page types [source: Resinger].

A related option is the three-ring binder. You can punch holes in recipes you've printed on computer paper and even add whole pages from magazines. In addition, you can buy refill pages for scrapbooking or photo albums and use these as well. Overall, this is a versatile option, but you may need to visit a craft store for some of the supplies [source: Resinger].

Finally, you can simply attach your recipes to the pages of a notebook or scrapbook. The advantage of this method is that you can write comments and alterations on the page next to recipes [source: Henneman]

Once you've decided on your storage option, make sure you use some sort of tabs or markers to divide the sections according to your categories. Then have fun loading your recipes!

Now that you have some ideas about organizing printed recipes, it's time to think about digital recipes, ones you found online or that were sent to you via e-mail. Of course, you could just print them out and place them in your recipe binder or file, but there are other options. Read on to learn more.