How to Organize Stereo Wires

A mountain of stereo wires and cables are enough to make anyone go crazy. It's often an unsightly and confusing mess hidden under the table or behind drapes. But home designers and organizers have come up with some useful tips and creative inventions to make those wires seemingly disappear. With a couple of gadgets and tools that you have around the house, you can organize the wire bundle and neatly hide it away. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to organize stereo wires.

  • Cable Labels Before you find yourself in a sticky situation (sudden unplugged wires without a clue which input to stick them in) or a hectic moving period, properly label all your cables and their inputs. Take mailing labels and write what the wire is used for. Wrap the sticker around the cable. Don't forget to put a corresponding sticker on your electronic devices to know where to input the cable [source: Nevermann].
  • Wire Ties An economical way to bring order to the multitude of wires is to bundle them together and secure them with a plastic wire tie or clamp. Start from one end of the source of cables and fasten them together with a tie or clamp every 3 to 4 feet (.9 to 1.2 meters). Make sure not to tie them too tightly, or you may damage the wires [source: Pollard].
  • Cord Snakes An excellent way to conceal a gaggle of cables is to bunch them together in a cable snake. The long covering bundles the cords together to ease the mess. The snake can either be left to sit against the wall or be hidden behind furniture [source: Martha Stewart].
  • Wire Raceways Similar to a cord snake, a wire raceway bundles your wires together under one covering. The raceway's advantage is that you can attach it to your wall and then paint it to seamlessly run your wires without any eyesores. Raceways are ideal to use for wall mounted speakers or TVs [source: Pollard]. //]]]]> ]]>