How to Organize Ties

Tie Rack Plans

Depending on how many ties you actually own, coming up with a proper tie rack plan is essential. Your basic tie hanger is made of metal usually with five to seven hooks on the bottom, and it fits in your closet like a regular clothes hanger. If you're a guy with five to seven ties, then one hanger will suit you fine. You can also get multiple hangers and organize them by color. That way when you're wearing a shirt that your red ties go best with, you can pull the entire hanger out and lay them next to your shirt and suit.

If you're a mood dresser, you'll probably end up choosing a tie on the fly, so you'll want to be able to view your entire collection pretty easily. You can find inexpensive motorized tie racks that will spin your ties around until the right one catches your eye. If you have wall space in your closet or even on the back of the door, hang hooks to store ties and belts for easy access. Just remember that any tie rack plan needs to ensure that your ties stay wrinkle free and protected from falling on the floor and getting dusty, dirty or faded. And it can be easy to lose track of when, or even if, you've dry cleaned your ties, so try to come up with a system to keep you on track.

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