How to Organize Tools

Methods for Organizing Hand Tools

Most people have at least a few hand tools. These include hammers, screwdrivers and pliers -- just to name a few -- but any tool that doesn't require batteries or have to be plugged in during operation qualifies as a hand tool. Hand tools are typically the easiest tools to misplace. That's why it's so important to keep them organized. How you do it will depend on several factors, including how much space you have, how many tools you have and how often you use them.

For the average person, getting organized might be as simple as buying a toolbox. You can pick one up at your local hardware store. They come in all different shapes and sizes, so you'll want to choose one that's proportional in size to the number of tools you have. It should also have several compartments to help keep everything organized. When choosing a toolbox, also take into consideration how much you'll be carrying it around with you. Make sure it has a good handle. If you prefer, there are also tool bags that can serve the same purpose. When organizing your toolbox, or tool bag, put the tools you use most often in the top compartments and those you use less down below [source: Walsh].

If you hardly use the tools you have, or you use them only in your garage, you can probably get away with something stationary. In fact, a small set of plastic drawers might do the job. There are also more heavy duty toolboxes that are meant to stay in one place. These are much bigger than a toolbox that you would carry around with you and necessary only if you have a large number of hand tools. Again, you'll find a selection of these at your local hardware store. If you use your tools more regularly and you want them to be easily accessible, you can also try installing some pegboard on the wall. Add a few hooks and you'll be able to store all your tools out in the open where they'll be easy to see and get to [source: Global Accessories].

Some people have more than just a few hand tools. They have a set of power tools as well. If that sounds like you, keep reading to find out how you can organize them.