How to Organize Wrapping Paper Supplies

Taking Inventory of Wrapping Paper Supplies

Many organizing projects begin the same way -- by playing a little game of "keep or toss."

Here's how you play. First, clear all the wrapping supplies out of their various hiding places. The basement, closets, the attic, garage, the cabinets over the washing machine, desk drawers, dresser drawers -- you get the idea. Make a pile of all the supplies you've gathered [source: Constable].

Now, take a minute and assess what you have. Start removing anything that is unusable, like wrapping paper that is too crinkled, bows that are unraveling and tape dispensers that are out of tape. Either throw these things away or put them in the recycling bin. This is the "toss" part of the game. Consider every item in your pile. Is it a keeper? If not, toss it.

If you find items you used while you were wrapping one time but they really belong somewhere else (those sewing scissors you've been missing, maybe), return them to their proper place.

After you've purged your supply pile of the things that don't belong, try taking inventory of what you have. It might help to make a list. How many rolls of holiday wrapping paper do you have? How many other types (birthday, wedding, graduation)? Make another list of things you need to buy. If you have 20 rolls of holiday paper, but no birthday paper, you may end up wrapping your kid's next birthday party gift in paper that says "Joy to the World." The supplies you typically need are wrapping paper, clear tape, bows, ribbons, pens and markers, gift tags, gift bags, tissue paper, and scissors. If you are low on any of these, add them to your list. When they go on sale, you can stock up [source: Constable].

Keep reading for ideas on how to sort and store all your wrapping supplies.