How to Organize Wrapping Paper Supplies

Sorting Wrapping Paper Supplies

Now that you've taken inventory of the wrapping supplies you have and made a list of things you need to purchase, you can think about how you want to sort them.

For example, you could sort your supplies by how you want to store them. You may want to keep a minimal supply including generic wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, tape and scissors in an easily accessible place, such as a bedroom closet. This will make life easier when it comes time to wrap gifts for occasions such as weddings, baby showers, birthdays and graduations. Then, you can keep the holiday-specific wrapping supplies in a different, perhaps less accessible, place, like a basement or attic. Another idea is to purchase holiday gift wrap that can be used for several occasions. Solid colors work well. Red can be used for Christmas as well as other holidays, such as Valentine's Day. Gold and silver can be used for nearly any occasion, especially holidays, weddings and anniversaries. Blue paper with a silver ribbon may feel like winter, but with red ribbon it could be perfect for your nephew's first birthday, too [source: Thomas].

You also may want to sort your wrapping supplies by their use. For example, place all the rolls of tape together, all the bows together, and all the tissue paper together. It is a good idea to store similar items together so you can reach for just the one you want, without having to hunt through a random assortment.

Once everything is sorted, you'll be ready to pack it into a container of some kind. There are several options to choose from. For some practical ideas, read on.