How to Organize Wrapping Paper Supplies

Storing Wrapping Paper Supplies

Now that you've sorted through your wrapping supplies, the next step is to choose a container or containers for them. Whether you store your holiday supplies separately from your other-occasion supplies depends on how much wrapping you typically do at the holidays. It may not be practical to keep all of your supplies on hand, especially if you've already stocked up for next Christmas with many rolls of clearance sale gift wrap. Keep that in mind as you choose the perfect container option for your supplies.

One style of gift wrap organizer is the type that hangs in a closet. These have a hook at the top and zippered pockets for the different types of supplies you will need. This is an excellent idea if you wrap a lot of gifts during the year. Just keep it in the back of your closet, and move it to the front when you need it. Scissors, tape, paper, gift bags and ribbons can all be kept there for your convenience. A similar option is to use a hanging garment bag. Rolls of paper fit inside, and smaller pockets can be used for the ribbons, scissors, tags and tape [source: Thomas].

A variety of tall and skinny or long and flat plastic organizers are also available. The tall, skinny type may fit nicely in a closet, while the long, flat type usually can slip under the bed without much trouble. Many products have inner compartments in which to keep smaller items [source: The Container Store].

If you do a lot of wrapping, you may want to store your gift wrapping supplies near your "wrapping station." A travel toiletry bag can hold your smaller items such as tape, scissors and tags, while a tall trash can works as a home for your larger items, such as rolls of paper or large gift boxes. When you're not using them, you can keep these things in a nearby closet. When you want to set up your "station," you can pull them out [source: Good Housekeeping].

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