How to Organize Your Sewing Room and Patterns

A messy space can freeze your creativity!
A messy space can freeze your creativity!
William Andrew/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Having a dedicated room for your sewing projects is at the top of every seamstress's wish list. If you've ever had a situation where your sewing machine is in one room and your supplies are stashed in different places throughout your house, then you fully realize the value of having a room where you have a place for everything you need and that doesn't mandate having to clean up at the end of every sewing session. Your beautiful fabric collection becomes décor in its own right when neatly folded and organized on open shelving. All of your buttons and bobbins and sewing whatnots get efficiently labeled, which means no more wasted time searching for a piece that you're looking for. And of course, there's the matter of getting your patterns organized in good working order.

The best way to start organizing your patterns is by going through all of them and choosing categories for storage that make sense for you. If you have different types of projects that you have patterns for, then that's a good place to start sorting. For example, crafts are in a different category from home décor and clothing. If you have a lot in each category, then you can create additional subcategories. For instance, infants and toddlers sizes would be separated from teens and adults. You can also sort by style, which would mean separating out pants and shirts from skirts and dresses. Just be careful not to create so many categories that it makes it harder to locate what you need. Now is also the time to get rid of any patterns that are no longer useful. Meaning it's time to purge the ones with missing pieces or the projects that no longer catch your eye.

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