How to Prioritize Daily Errands

Tools for Prioritizing Daily Errands

Learning to prioritize can help you finish tasks faster while ensuring that the most important ones don't get lost in the shuffle. However, keeping track of everything that must be done can also be a bit of a challenge. There are numerous techniques to help you get organized, many of which might already be in your home.

If you enjoy writing things down, a desk or wall calendar with a sidebar for a list of errands may be your best bet. These tools are usually inexpensive and can be purchased from your local office supply store. The downside is that the large versions might not be as handy to carry around, so you may want to keep a smaller version for traveling.

Another option is to keep an electronic calendar. These days almost everyone has a cell phone, and depending on the make and model, yours may have a built-in calendar. You can make lists and put in important dates, which your phone can conveniently remind you of as the dates approach. Smart phones have plenty of organizational programs you can download, many of which are free and will allow you to input tasks and view customized maps of the most efficient routes to your errand destinations.

A growing trend at many companies, and even in some households, is to hire a professional organizer. This is someone whose job it is to help you manage your time in the most organized way possible. You may not need to go to such an extreme, but if you'd like to give it a try, many organizations offer great tips and free consultations on their Web sites.

Aside from calendars and lists, there are also plenty of software options available to help you organize your daily errands. For information on helpful and innovative computer programs, check out the next page.