How to Properly Fold Shirts and Sweaters

Folding Tips, Tricks and Accessories

Although folding is the best way to keep the shape of sweaters and stretchy shirts, if you must hang your clothes for lack of drawer space, experts recommend creating a clean, flat fold lengthwise for your tops to hang them on the bottom rung of the hanger. You should also use a piece of tissue paper between the hanger and the sweater to prevent unwanted creasing. You've probably noticed your dry cleaner using this same trick.

And when it comes to organizing your closet and chest of drawers, many experts say you should keep everything in plain sight. In other words, drawers stuffed to the brim are unacceptable.

The premise behind this idea is that you will seldom wear what is buried at the bottom of your drawer or back of your closet because you can't see it. How many times have you said you have absolutely nothing to wear while you're staring at a closet full of clothes? A little closet reorganization might be just want you need to discover shirts and sweaters you've forgotten. Of course, folding sweaters and delicate shirts is best, so try storing them in open-air shelves for easier viewing.

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