Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Even though it's the site of food preparation, the kitchen is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house. It requires rigorous routine cleaning to prevent illnesses and food poisoning. Get tips for cleaning the kitchen in these articles.

Between overdoing it with the sanitizer and never washing our hands after using the toilet is the sweet spot for good hygiene.

You just bought a super pocket knife and now you need to know how to clean it. Here we can help you by telling how to clean a knife.

You own a pizza parlor and are wondering how to clean your pizza stone. Learn how to clean a pizza stone from this article.

Hard-anodized cookware is strong, but it's not nonstick. Learn whether you can use steel wool to clean hard-anodized cookware in this article.

Nonstick pans are coated with a protective layer to keep food from sticking to the pan. Learn whether you can clean nonstick pans with steel wool in this article.

While a cutting board is a major convenience to have in your kitchen, it's important to know how to clean it. Read this article to learn how to clean a cutting board.

It is possible to get burnt food off of pots. Learn about how to get burnt food off pots in this article.

Your coffee maker needs cleaning, and you're not sure how to clean it. Learn how to clean a coffee maker in this article.

It's not difficult to clean a dishwasher, but it is necessary. Learn how to clean a dishwasher in this article.

You need to remove rust from cast iron cookware, but you’re not sure how to do it. Learn about how to remove rust from cast iron cookware in this article.

Of all the rooms in a house, the kitchen can present some of the biggest challenges to your cleansing agenda. Form a battle plan for defending your kitchen with the help of our list of 10 easy tips for kitchen cleaning.

Why spend hundreds of dollars on expensive and chemical-ridden cleaners when the solution to a clean kitchen could be sitting under your bathroom sink. Try these 5 kitchen cleanups using toothpaste and other bathroom stuff instead.

Our grandparents' generation didn't have a different product to scrub every kitchen surface. They used simple and natural products for a variety of tasks around the kitchen. Discover 10 ways to clean the kitchen with lemon juice.

According to the sensationalist media, our kitchens are about to kill us. Reasonable daily care and attention, using some very basic cleaning ingredients, can make your kitchen as clean and shiny as it needs to be.

These kitchen cleaning tips from Clean Sweep will keep your home clean. Learn kitchen cleaning tips at HowStuffWorks.

Cooktops need routine cleaning, thanks to grease and other food splatters. There are different cleaning methods depending on your cooktop's surface -- so before you start scrubbing, read the following suggestions.

Don't put off cleaning that goopy, stuck-on cheesy pan of lasagna. Find out about helpful tips and guidelines for cleaning all your cookware and servingware, from cast iron pans to crystal glasses.

Don't let the task of cleaning large kitchen appliances overtake you. Keep up by giving all your appliances regular wipe-downs. Learn guidelines for cleaning dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, and more.

Good food, good company -- what more could you ask for? How about someone to clean up all those dirty pots and pans? Follow these guidelines for making your cookware cleanup easier.

There's nothing more daunting than facing a goopy, stuck-on cheesy pan of lasagna after a big Italian meal. Learn helpful guidelines for cleaning servingware, from everyday flatware to crystal glasses.

Baking soda can safely tackle kitchen jobs above and beyond the legendary box at the back of the refrigerator. Learn more about how baking soda can play a role in the kitchen.

Salt can help people who find the kitchen to be the most difficult room to keep clean. Salt can get out stains and make cleanup go faster. Learn how to clean your kitchen with salt.

Most small kitchen appliances are designed to be easy to clean, but they still require some work. Follow these suggestions and guidelines for cleaning blenders, toasters, coffeemakers, waffle irons, and more.

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