The Living Room/Den

Keep your living room livable with these tips.
Keep your living room livable with these tips.
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Living Room/Den

  • A fresh coat of paint can give new life to an old piece of furniture or accessory. Find new and practical uses for those sentimental items.
  • Sometimes the simplest arrangements are the best. Laying out furniture in harmony with your room's shape will create a more peaceful, less cluttered feel.
  • Exotic items from faraway places are great to display around your home, but if you bury them in clutter, you aren't honoring the memory of the trip. Pick a few pieces you love and display them properly, or risk losing them in the clutter.
  • If you have two spaces separated by an arch, think of adding a display unit with two open sides so it can be enjoyed from both angles.
  • Walls and furniture that are the same color can cause things to blend into each other, and make you forget about keeping it looking nice. Try painting the wall a nice contrast color to help your pieces "pop" and make the room look sharp.
  • If you have two open rooms side-by-side and want to separate them, try hanging a large, decorative curtain to define the boundaries of each space.