10 Spring Outdoor Cleaning Tips


De-leaf and De-clutter the Lawn

Your yard has spent the winter feeling cold and abandoned-- and possibly suffocating under a layer of snow. Get ready for a lush lawn and a flourishing garden by getting rid of the soggy, old leaves choking your flowerbeds and grass.

Want to avoid spending the day after your leaf-raking extravaganza with a sore back? Switch sides while you're raking (we can all be somewhat ambidextrous for a day) and don't twist your torso. If you're tossing leaves over your shoulder theatrically, you need to quit that, too -- your body doesn't use a lot of these motions on a daily basis, so avoid the ibuprofen tomorrow by moving a little smarter today.

Have a few extra dollars in the kitty? Splurge for a landscaper to come out for the day. You might be able to get your raking, tilling and grass seed replenished for a decent price.