How to Remove Grease Stains and Save Your Clothing

grease stains photo
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I recently had a run-in with some melted butter. Accidentally, I spilled a bowl of melted butter all over a new sweater while pulling it out from the microwave (No, I wasn't just melting butter for the fun of it; I was baking). I figured that a simple wash would get the butter out from the sweater, but I was wrong. When the sweater was done drying, the butter stain was still sprawled across the front; clear as day.

After doing some research, I figured out a simple way to remove butter and grease stains alike from clothing that ended up saving my sweater.


The key to removing a grease or butter stain from clothing is to use a kitchen cleaning agent. Whether we're talking about dish soap or a stove-top spray, most kitchen cleaning agents have strong grease removers in their make up. I took the chance and sprayed my sweater down with my stove-top spray. I rinsed it and left it to dry and sure enough, the stain was 100% removed when the sweater dried.

Tossing aside stained clothing without doing everything possible to remove the stain isn't eco-friendly at all. If you've already got the means to the end of removing a stain around your house, you might as well take advantage of them, right?

So the next time you find yourself in a jam with grease of any sort, keep your eco-friendly kitchen cleaning agents in mind.