Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring cleaning is an annual chance for you and your family to sweep out the junk and get a fresh start, just in time for summer. Use the Spring Cleaning Guide to help get you started.

So you've got spring cleaning fever and you're dying to leap right in, but where do you start? We'll help you avoid analysis paralysis as you tackle this seasonal task, step-by-step and room by room.

When spring rolls around in many cultures, people suddenly have a strange desire to sort and scrub things. Does this same "spring cleaning" fever strike around the world?

To many of us, spring cleaning simply entails scouring our house from top to bottom. But in some cultures, this seasonal cleaning ritual has a deeper meaning than just cleaning away dust bunnies.

You've emerged from your winter stupor, dazzled by spring's greenery and energized by an inexplicable urge to scrub things. Yep, it's spring cleaning time, but where to start?

It's that time of year again: Spring Cleaning! This year, take it a step further and make your house the cleanest on the block. Our tips can ensure that the germophobe in your life has nothing to complain about.

We know, you're not lazy, you're just busy. After working a full day, chauffeuring the kids around and making dinner, there's just no energy to clean the house. But if you break it into manageable tasks, you'll see it's easier than you think.

These outdoor cleaning tips will get your home in shape for spending time outside with the family. Learn the outdoor cleaning tips at HowStuffWorks.

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and you've motivated yourself to get off the couch and get to spring cleaning. But what tools do you need to make your house sparkle?

Spring is finally here. It's time for picnics outside, St. Patrick's Day and a week off of school for spring break. Unfortunately, it's also time to clean your house from top to bottom.

With your checklist and cleaning supplies in hand, you're ready to scrub your house from top to bottom. But where does this seasonal tradition come from?