Spring Cleaning Secrets for Lazy People

Lose the Bathroom Gunk
You'll be amazed what a few minutes a day will get you.
You'll be amazed what a few minutes a day will get you.
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Bathrooms are usually small space-wise, but cleaning them can be a big job. You don't have to scrub until your fingers are sore and your back is aching, though.

  • To keep water spots off your shower enclosure and doors, apply a thin layer of car wax twice a year. The spots won't stain if they can't get a grip. Wax is slippery, so keep it up off the shower floor.
  • Get rid of soap scum by spritzing the crusty grime with baby oil. Combine four parts warm water to one part baby oil, and spray the mixture on soap scum. Wait 15 minutes and wipe the area clean. It's that easy. If you hate soap scum buildup as much as we do, switch from bar soap to liquid soap. Liquid soap has fewer solid particulates to contribute to the soap crud we all love to hate.
  • Keep your grout and caulk mildew-free with a half-and-half solution of water and hydrogen peroxide (3-percent solution). Just spritz the solution on with a pump sprayer and let it dry.
  • Use a steam or vapor cleaner for fast cleanup without heavy scrubbing or caustic chemicals. Hand-held units are available for less than $30 dollars and can loosen grime and kill germs in a few seconds. The steam can be too hot for some plastics and other materials, though, so read the directions carefully before you start steaming your way to a cleaner bathroom.
  • Want to clean your toilet without using super caustic toilet bowl cleaner? Use a can of cola. Yes, cola. Pour the cola in the toilet, wait an hour and flush. Follow up with a cup of white vinegar, scrubbing lightly with your handy toilet brush. Flush again and you're done. This is one suggestion that's easy, inexpensive and green -- all in one tidy (bowl) package.

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