10 Cockroach Hiding Spaces

Baseboards and Trim

Crown molding and historic wood baseboards are gorgeous and add a lot to an interior, but they also add a lot of places for cockroaches to hide. Maybe you thought your eyes were playing tricks on you or there was a small thread or hair hanging from decorative trim, but it could well have been an errant antenna from a large, crouching cockroach.

Thin, tight and dark areas beneath door and window trim, and at the base and corner crevices of walls are favorite spots for cockroaches, and most of us who have turned on the lights only to see running roaches have seem them scuttle along the wall and floor seams, disappearing into a space that's invisible to the naked eye. Checking all places where pieces of woodwork or trim and molding come together with walls and floors, and sealing up any cracks will leave cockroaches with fewer places to seek refuge.