10 Easy Tips for Controlling Outdoor Pests


Block Out Ants

Erect a tiny roadblock if you spot a line of ants parading toward your home. Just pour a thin line of all-purpose flour across their path, which should cause them to scatter and, hopefully, regroup elsewhere, away from your home.

To lay the line, take a piece of paper, wrap one end tightly around a thin knitting needle or barbecue skewer, tape the edge of the paper to itself to hold it in this funnel shape, and slowly fill the makeshift funnel with the flour. Of course, if you happen to have a tiny funnel or cake-decorating tool with a narrow nozzle, you can use it instead to pour your miniature wall of flour. Holding the filled funnel above the ant parade, slowly slide the needle or skewer out. As the flour pours from the narrow end, trace a solid line in the shape of an arrow's head, with the tip crossing the ants' path and the sides extending outward diagonally, away from your house.