10 Easy Tips to Terminate Indoor Insect Invasions

A Minty Repellent

If you've ever reached for an open bag of grains in your pantry and found it the new home for wiggling worms, you're probably wondering how you can prevent yourself from ever having a surprise like that again. Don't worry -- while mealworms do love a nice, starchy home, we have the secret to evicting them and keeping them away for good.

Protect your pasta, rice, cereals and other grains from mealworms by placing a few wrapped sticks of sugar-free spearmint chewing gum on the shelves where you store these kitchen staples. Apparently, unlike those of us who love a mint after dinner, mealworms just can't tolerate that minty fresh scent (they enjoy their bad breath). Because it doesn't contain sugar, the gum itself shouldn't attract any ants, either. When the sticks of gum start to lose their spearmint smell, replace them with fresh sticks.