Pests & Insects: 10 Renter Red Flags

Signs of Termites
Termites can cause severe damage on wood.
Termites can cause severe damage on wood.
Doug Cheeseman/Peter Arnold/Getty Images

Termites are extremely destructive pests that feast on wood, causing structural damage to a building. This can not only cause unsafe conditions for you as a renter, but the bugs can eat up your wooden furniture. In addition, the termites could hide in your furniture and come with you to your next dwelling.

Check the wood in the rental unit for evidence of termite damage. This could be wood that sounds hollow when tapped, and visible holes or sagging floors. Because termites shed wings, they leave them behind as a telltale sign of infestation. Hard, tiny and elongated fecal pellets are another red flag that indicate termite presence. These pellets are often tan in color and resemble sawdust at first glance. Be sure to check any spider webs for these discarded wings and fecal pellets.

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