5 Methods to Keep Pests Out of Your Townhome


Know Your Neighbors

Even though your townhouse association will handle any major decisions that need to be made, it's still helpful to talk to the other people in your complex. You can get all kinds of useful information, even if some of it is unsubstantiated gossip. Who saw a bunch of baby mice running alongside the swimming pool? Which garages are prone to bees' nests?

Let's hope none of this happens, and that your townhouse association is able to swiftly intervene to stop any problems right away. But if you're ever in a situation where you need to decide how to handle some sort of pest problem, it's better to act for the long-term benefit of your community. Sometimes neighbors have to decide together how to handle pest attacks, especially in small complexes or in states with relaxed laws. If four out of five neighbors want to treat a swarm of bugs with chemicals, and the fifth doesn't agree, what's your recourse? Depends on your particular situation...but it's better for everybody if you can communicate in a way that doesn't turn ugly.

Maybe you prefer to keep to yourself, or let the association management take care of such petty squabbles. That's fine, too. If you're not the social type or you're convinced that your neighborly efforts would go unrewarded, there's another way to interpret this bit of advice, one that might suit you better: Get to know your neighbors...the crawly, bloodsucking, furry, winged kind of neighbors. The ones that will come over uninvited and refuse to leave without chemical intervention. At some point in your townhouse-dwelling future, you'll probably be glad you did the reading.