Insects: 5 Things Renters Should Look Out For


Nothing is more disgusting than seeing a roach (or two) crawl across the floor of your shiny new apartment kitchen! Roaches are incredibly resilient insects whose ability to survive is almost unparalleled. They can go for very long periods without food or water, which is why they tend to head to kitchens and bathrooms when they do appear. The little pests can hide just about anywhere.

But while roaches are pretty tough, there are ways to get rid of them. First, lay down some traps. Consider getting live traps so you can figure out where the roaches are hiding. Other traps are designed to kill the roach immediately using some type of bait. You'll also want to spray insecticide around your kitchen, bathroom and other roach-infested areas. Just make sure whatever you're spraying is safe for you, your kids and your pets.

To keep the roaches from coming back, keep your house extra clean; keep faucets from leaking and make sure bathrooms and other areas aren't damp. That means you'll need to caulk up openings from the outside, too.

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