How to Prevent Garden Pests and Diseases

Some type of pest is bound to "bug" your garden, no matter how much effort you put into prevention. You may notice yellow patches in the lawn, holes in leaves, or stunted plant growth. The more you water and fertilize, the more you may play host to pests. Or it may be that insects and diseases are making a neglected area even worse. Alas, pests are everywhere, but help is here with organic remedies that are easy on the environment, as well as safety guidelines if you have to resort to chemical methods.

Many of the bugs in your garden are a nuisance, but some,
such as ladybugs, can be good for your plants. See more
pictures of garden ideas.

Disease is another problem you may encounter. Plants with enough space are likely to be healthy, but in an overcrowded garden, airflow stagnates, just as it does in an overcrowded room. Without free air circulation, foliage dampened by dew, rain, or sprinkling will stay wet longer and be more susceptible to fungus and other diseases.

In this article, learn about inviting beneficial garden guests, keeping pests away, pesticide safety, washing container plants, eliminating garden disease, and common garden pests.

Some of the critters in your garden are actually good for your plants. Go to the next page to learn about beneficial garden inhabitants.

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