10 Must-haves in a Storm Survival Kit



Canned vegetables and soup, boxed cereal, peanut butter, crackers and other nonperishable food should be part of your kit. Once again, the experts say store at least a three-day supply. Make sure that the food in your emergency kit are foods your family, especially children, will eat. Don't pack salty snacks, or other foods that will make you thirsty. Also, make sure you have a manual can opener [source: FEMA].

All foods should be in covered containers. Cooking and eating utensils should be clean. Throw away any food that is exposed to contaminated flood water. If it smells, swells or looks rancid, throw the food out. Don't let garbage pile up indoors.

Cooking during an emergency is an art form. Make sure you fire up the charcoal grills and gas camping stoves outside. Some commercially canned food can be eaten cold, right out of the can. If you want to heat the food inside the can, make sure you remove the label, then wash the outside of the can with one part bleach to 10 parts water. Oh, yeah, open the can before heating [source: FEMA].