Home Security

Good home security allows you to enjoy your house and relax. Learn how various home security systems work and how to maintain a secure home.

You might be surprised at the tricks burglars can use to sneak inside your home. Not because they're so cunning, but because they're really quite simple. What should you be on the lookout for?

To pick a lock you'll need some picks (or paper clips) and a tension wrench. Learn what lock-picking tools you need to pick a lock in this article.

To open a lock, the bottom pins must be aligned so they're all below the shear line. Learn how to pick a master lock in this article.

Lock pick guns work on the same principle as raking a lock by pushing up the pins. Learn how lock pick guns work in this article.

It's not that hard to get into most houses. Between the keys hidden under mats, the shoddy locks and the soul-baring social network statuses on vacation plans, it's pretty easy to find a home's weak spot. How should you protect yours?

Pepper spray is a common law enforcement and self-defense tool -- it's easy to carry and easy to use, and although it's extremely irritating and debilitating, it generally doesn't cause any problems in the long run. How does this spicy weapon work?

You don't have to buy an alarm system to prevent burglaries. If your home looks lived-in and if your neighbors seem nosy, you're preventing crime.

Locking your doors with deadbolts should be your first line of defense against home invasion. But what if that isn't enough? How can you keep your home safe?

Today's high-tech panic rooms are a far cry from fallout shelters of the past. You can have a basic reinforced closet -- or a luxury security den with an arsenal of weapons.

While it's difficult to protect your home from professional thieves, most home burglaries are done by amateurs. These thieves are more easily thwarted if you employ some of the following security precautions.

Little children are masters at finding the dangers that lurk in your home, and this worries parents to no end. But there are precautions you can take to all but eliminate the dangers. Learn more.

Some home security systems are complex and should be installed by a professional. However, there are good home security systems sold in kit forms that you can install yourself. Learn instructions for this project.

New doors need a lockset. Some doors come predrilled for standard-size locksets, others will require drilling. Mortises also need to be cut for the lockset and strike plate. Learn the details to install a lockset.

They keep the contents of your school locker safe. They secure precious documents and monetary instruments. Some of them can even take a bullet. Learn about what's going on inside combination locks.

This set of articles includes explanations of lockpicking and safecracking, as well as the mechanical workings of many of the most common types of locks.

People use safes to keep their valuables, well, safe. But in movies, thieves can open one using a little concentration and a good ear. Could you crack a safe that easily?

The super of our apartment building is always going into everyone's apartment when something needs to be fixed. There must be a hundred apartments, but he only carries one key around with him. How does he get into all those apartments?

In movies, burglars can open a lock using a paper clip. Is it really so easy? The basic process of picking a lock is simple, but it takes practice to get it right.

Security systems can range from do-it-yourself kits for $10 to sophisticated whole-house networks installed by professionals. But most alarm systems are actually built around the same basic design concepts.

How can motion-sensing lights detect your presence, and what prevents them from seeing you when you're standing still? It all comes down to the movement of light.

Most of us are entirely dependent on electricity, so a power outage can become seriously annoying. Learn about the generators and inverters that can put an end to home power failures.

A fascinating look inside a combination lock!